Friday, August 21, 2009

Sleepless in Minnesota . . .

Oh to be sleeping . . . So my rant yesterday about not getting sympathy from my Dearest Man as a bit of a vent, but hey, I needed it. And I was determined to not let it fester, so I talked to him about it yesterday after work. He wasn't mad or angry, he was frustrated because he didn't know what to do. Go figure! (Laughs hysterically) But, at least he wasn't mad, which would have been insane, which would have made me insane, which would have made me put salt in his cookies instead of sugar. :D I'm evil that way.
So last night was no better. Little Man decided to battle it out again. But, after consulting with this beautiful group, I've come up with a plan. For those of you that have little ones and don't belong to this website, you must do it now! I mean it - leave me behind, click on the link, and behold the lifeline of greatness. DO IT NOW!
As for the rest of you, well, go make a peanut butter sandwich cuz I'm done for the day.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A day beyond description . . . . .

I know this isn't the greatest picture, but I couldn't
resist. Isn't that just the cutest face ever?!?!?!?!?!?!

My girls were intent tonight on watching a movie before bed, and all I could think about was watching the inside of my eyelids. What a day it has been!
I won't bore you with the ugly details, but let's just say it has been one thing after another and none of it really productive, satisfying, uplifting, liberating, or fun. But it's over, the day is over and the blessed night has begun . . . Ah yes, the night - filled with 40 minute naps interrupted by screaming babies. Oh how I love those naps!
I so wanted to upload some stuff tonight and share some scenery pics and recipes, but it's just not in me tonight. Motherhood will do that to you - wear your butt out and drain the brain right out of your head. Seriously.

Friday, August 7, 2009

"Create something outside yourself. . . ."

Words of wisdom, those are. I have no idea what I am doing, or why, or how, but I'm doing it. I have things I want to share: recipes, thoughts, ideas, hopes, dreams, attitude.
I'm a wanna-be-chef, baker, and sometimes pretty good Mom - sometimes. Like most of us I have a complex about that, but more on that later.
I just turned 40 - yes, 40, and as far as I'm concerned, life has just begun. I have four children, ages 17 yrs., 12yrs., 11yrs., and 6 months. Yes, I AM crazy, thank you very much. I am also divorced and planning to marry that man again. The first time I married him I did it for his really cool last name, now I'm doing it because I'm crazy in love - again, still, whatever you want to put in there - and can't picture myself on the porch when I'm 85 without him mouthing off next to me.
I can be opinionated, stubborn, loving, loyal, and everything in between.
I'll try my hand at just about anything once, unless it involves spiders or heights - I'm not budging on those and I don't care how many times you Double Dog Dare me - I'm perfectly comfortable with my fears, thank you very much.
So that's a little about me. More will be revealed along the way, along with recipes, pictures, stories and such.

Create something outside yourself. . . . . .