Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cake Day - I Love Cake Day!

So the day has been filled with cleaning, prepping, and baking. And I'm not anywhere near done for the day and I love it. Just sayin'.

It's almost time to go grab the kiddies from school, but I wanted to hop on and at least post the pics from today's baking adventures. I've decorated cakes for many years now, and these are by no means decorated in the fashion I usually do but then again, they are just everyday cakes - nothing special . . . . until you taste them. Oh my dears, you have got to try what I have dubbed the "Double Chocolate Fudge" cake. 

I found this recipe online some time ago and it is the most requested cake flavor to date. Once you taste it, you will completely understand why. Believe me, I will be posting the recipe soon!

And then there's this little beauty of a surprise:
 This cake came about because my Mother In Law gave me a can of applesauce that she had in her cupboard and thought that the kids would probably eat. Well, being the supermom that I am I decided that plying them with sugary desserts would be a better option than giving them something nutritious like plain ol' applesauce, so to work I set. This is an Applesauce Spice Cake and it will make  you think you've died and gone to the best sale at Khol's with a million dollars in your pocket and a 50% off coupon! O.k., maybe not that stupendous, but it is wonderful. And yes, I will be posting this recipe as well. I must go get the children now and ply them with sugar.

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